Art Of Love

DIY Dollhouse

Upcycling Our Superga Shoeboxes
The silver linings of shelter-in? Special moments as a family, reading all the books we've meant to read forever and having time to tap into our creativity.

Together with my girls, we were inspired to make an adorable dollhouse out of our Superga shoeboxes. Follow along, you can too!

Step one:
Pull together your empty Superga shoeboxes - as many or as few as you have for varying size houses. We used 5 adult boxes and 1 kid box.

Step two:
Stack the boxes and tape together to create different rooms.

Step three:
Grab your scissors, and stickers plus print our floral printed coloring book paper HERE. Cut shapes and pieces to create furniture for the different spaces in the house from the living room to the tea parlor and the little girls' connect bedrooms.

Step four:
It's all in the details. Decorate with flowers and mini magazines to create your dream home!

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