House Dresses, Feel Right At Home

Calling to mind visions of decades past, there is, to us, something nostalgic about the classic house dress.

We're ditching the sweats
and embracing this ladylike, home-era staple meant for doing all the things, dancing, crafting, gardening, Zooming, tablesetting, drinking, laughing, knitting, cleaning, reading, listening, and loving.

Forever inspired
by vintage finds in flea markets, old patterns at craft shops, and the history of fashion, the house dress, in particular, is a concept we return to time and time again.

Feminine daily wear that was once rooted in domesticity and sociality now feels suddenly relevant again as we are embracing home entertaining and spending time with family.

Dating back to the early 1900s,
this at-home garment was made in washable fabrics and designed to wear around the house. A descendant of the Mother Hubbard dress, a Victorian loose-fitting gown that came post-corset era, evolved into the 1910s Nelly Don dress, followed by the 40s, ‘popover' and wrap dress which was equally worn as a house dress, a beach dress, and a party dress. From time to time these styles would come with matching oven gloves (can you imagine!). The 40s version then evolved into the styling of the 50s wherein it fast became a necessary part of every woman's wardrobe through to now.

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