As dreamy beaches stretch for miles, the wind carries the smell of salt and sea across the powder white sand and crystal clear water. Escape to the ease of island life, adorned in effortless florals, for sunshine, selfies, hot days, and cool nights. 

It’s that summer getaway feeling.

Why We Go

We go every year, because it’s so laid back and relaxed. The girls can run all day and night on the beach without a care in the world. The locals are super friendly, plus cars aren’t allowed on the island, only golf carts, which naturally forces everyone to slow down. It’s wonderful!

First Memory

The first trip I took to the island was back in my Cosmo days for a shoot I was styling. We rented Diane von Furstenberg’s adorable beach house and went between there and Pip’s Place — which is now called The Oceanview and has the best food on the island. It was the trip that sealed my love for Harbour Island and I couldn’t wait to bring my family back.


For our most recent trip we rented a modern beach house that was beautiful, beachy, and very symmetrical, with lots of wood and natural elements incorporated. In the past we have stayed at the Dunmore — we flip-flop each year between renting a house or staying at the hotel.


Always! We did a 90’s inspired shoot as a throwback to old school Harbour Island and Elle Magazine, that we all love so much. The shoot featured our dear friend Julia Restoin Roitfeld and was shot by Dean Isidro, styled by Katie Mossman.

Julia has been coming to the island since she was a baby and it’s like her second home — everyone at The Ocean View has known her since she was tiny!

And you know it’s never a trip if we don’t play dress-up and jump in front of the camera too! One night, with the moon high in the sky, we shot with my good friend Heather Lilleston from Yoga For Bad People.


You must, must, must eat at The Ocean View — can't say this enough! Also love, The Dunmore, The Rock House, plus, The Landing and the cute sushi place near the landing with no name (you’ll see it!). Don’t leave without going to Sip Sip for lunch — all the fish there’s amazing. And, try Conch Queen, for conch fritters and the best King Crab.

 Wear All Day, Every Day

Our entire summer collection! I brought the whole collection with me and fell in love with each and every piece. But I definitely favored The Coralie Dress!

Hidden Gems

I love Miss Mae’s, India hicks store. Plus, Dake’s Shoppe is amazing. And, there’s a small handmade straw hat and bag shop near our house, full of treasures. I also love wandering around the little local stores and bring back handmade pieces from the island. We always buy so much there that inspires the collection.

Must See Places to Visit?

The Haunted House — literally, the island’s best kept secret. It reminds me of Great Expectations. The light there and the view of the sunset is so special.

Also, I’d suggest taking a boat to The Other Side, the Ocean View’s new hotel on North Eleuthera. It’s worth a day trip, trust. Plus, the sandbar with the tree in it — just ask for this. It’s the most magical place!


I’m forever inspired by the colors, oh the colors are so vibrant! Pinks!!! All the pinks! Plus the sunsets are pure magic and the sand is heaven between your toes. As you wander around, discovering homes which all look as though they are perfect little Victorian doll houses. I also managed to bring back a few dainty Bahamian prints and fabrics to work into the collection.