Summer Date Night (or Day) Style

Summer Date Night (or Day) Style

Maybe you have been together forever, or maybe it's your first date. Either way, few things beat a great summer date. Be it with your future life partner or merely a fleeting romantic interest, there’s nothing that compares to a long, breezy, post-dinner stroll through warm city streets or watching the sun set together at the beach. Granted, no al fresco date day or night date is complete without the perfect outfit. And that’s where things can get tricky.

What to Wear for Romance

The good news is, summer date night outfits are arguably the most fun. And, given that effortlessness is the ethos of summer (and LoveShackFancy), who better to provide your date looks than the originators of that beach-girl-summer-romance look (we mean us, by the way). From the airy flowy, oh-so-perfect Love Dress to eyelet-clad beachwear that doubles as nightwear from dockside to rooftop dinners, there’s something about summer dressing that abides by separate sartorial rules all together – think cropped cotton shirt and sparkling maxi skirt with denim (as above). 

All this said, first and foremost you need to wear what makes you feel confident and beautiful. And while the ideal first-date outfit is truly in the eye of the beholder, one thing is for certain, reach for a look that makes you feel like your best self be it understated or frills, and flounce. Just effortlessly you.

So, be it a casual date night or a chic summer dinner, a boat day, fitness fun, or a coffee date, here’s every look – from versatile classics to timeless whites, summer dresses, bikinis paired with trousers or a flirty shimmering skirt ready for wherever the night takes you – you need to ensure your summer dates are the best dressed yet.


Dinner Under the Stars

Dinner is at a chic outdoor spot. What to wear? Think summer chic for your date night outfit with an ultra-glam sequin mini skirt toned down with a simple white tank top and denim jacket. Or have fun with a playful scallop-edged white poplin or fresh linen mini. And while super-short hemlines are having a bit of a moment (read: always having a moment), airy vintage-inspired midi skirts and maxi skirts are a carefree go-to for first dates, especially when worn with an embellished corset perfect for warm and humid summer nights. Or if you’re feeling color, soft blues are trending right now. Opt for a dress in the must-have hue, then add a bit of height to your look with a strappy heeled sandal. And never underestimate the power of the little black dress.

Plan for an accessory (or two!) that will instantly elevate your summer date style - a statement earring or necklace depending on the neckline. While we love a flat, easy sandal, if you're craving height, now's the time to whip out those wedges. And show off your legs in your favorite mini dress. Lastly, get your nails buffed but not manicured, and definitely not painted red.


Boat Day With Bae

The beauty of summer? Traditional dressing rules need not apply, especially when it comes to days and nights on a boat. Be it for a fun all-day boat date or cocktails at sunset in the harbor, a summer boat look begins and ends with easy one-and-done white dresses, skirts, and sweaters that take you effortlessly from day to date. Embrace breathable fabrics, comfortable shoes, and simple accessories for the perfect summer date night outfit

Plus, luxury swimwear is a must—a major must! Think florals, one-piece suits and bikinis in mismatched shades and prints that can double as a top with a wide leg linen pant or a flowing vintage-inspired skirt to go from boat and beach to cocktails and dinner. Consider packing a cropped denim jacket to wear over-the-shoulders at night when the temperatures drop. 

Alternatively, embrace your carefree spirit with fringe, crochet, and lace-up strappy sandals because nothing says summer chic like crochet. Wear it to cocktails and dinner with a heel or to the beach with sandy hair and flip-flops. The Ferline Crochet Mini Dress in particular earns bonus points thanks to the mirror embellishments. Slip on minimalist flats (because there's no need to wear heels when your dress shines sparkles!) and dance the night away… even if it’s just you two. Actually, better yet, hopefully it’s just you two.

For day, finish the look with a cute pair of designer sunglasses and a big hat. For night, go for easy breezy and shimmery.


Flirty Fitness Fun

It could be that you met at the gym, or you're that sporty couple, but there’s something so intimate about a workout date or anything out of the ordinary such as a sauna and a cold plunge, or anything that calls for you to be a little raw or exposed. Either way, if your date has invited you to go for a run, a hike, or hit up a class together, there are plenty of options for the stylish athlete on a romantic journey. 


When deciding on your look, consider an ensemble that works both in and out of your workout because chances are you'll have a coffee or a smoothie afterward, so you'll want something that goes from lunges to lunch, from pilates to plates, from sauna to smoothie, cold plunge to coffee… you get it. 

Anyway, for a look that’s both flirty and sporty, pair pink leggings with a pink floral sports bra and an embroidered sweatshirt draped over the shoulder. Or, if you do want to up the ante in your activewear, then go all out with a form-fitting one-piece floral racer-back jumpsuit and a zip up. 

And remember, don’t worry if you happen to break a sweat during the whole process, a dewy post-workout flush is a summer yes… aka, it’s summer sexy.


Coffee Date, That's Maybe a Drink Date

Last but not least, your tried and true coffee date that might, maybe, most likely turn into a drink date. So, whether you’re meeting up for coffee or it’s actually a drink, it’s all about a pretty neckline. Think about it. They are seated and so are you for the majority of your time together. And most likely, they are seated across from you. So, what do they see? Your decolletage. Therefore a flattering neckline is a can’t-go-wrong way to dress for a date. Definitely not anything ultra-realizing. Coffee calls for simplicity. 

Dare I say, a great wide-leg pant and simple tank worn with a flat. A simple linen dress, also worn with a flat. Or the classic and arguably sexy, distressed jeans with a simple white tee worn with a ballet flat or embellished sandals. All of which can be super feminine and sexy and make it easy to walk a bit afterwards if the weather is nice (cue movie montage) or, more importantly, you like your date. Either way, your outfit details should say, ‘I didn’t try too hard, but also I’m not so casual that I don’t care at all.’ It’s a balance that always works.


Before we go, a note on love, because we are all about LOVE. While the outfit is important, who you are is more important. Just bring the love. The rest will follow. And tag @LoveShackFancy in your LoveShackFancy summer date looks! We want to see where you went and what you wore! 


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