Forever inspired by my mother, the original LoveShackFancy girl, raising my daughters has allowed me to relive the essence of childhood. From endless adventures to a shared love of pink, being a mom has opened my world and made me fall in love with life over and over again.

Until I had my girls, I never truly adored pink. Through their eyes, I fell in love with every shade that has come to fully personify LoveShackFancy. I am eternally grateful for them and their infinite inspiration.

While always striving to bring my daughters' spirit and energy to all things LoveShackFancy, I realize the significant role moms play in shaping empowered girls to one day become great women. And while motherhood lives through generations of brilliant women, grandmas, aunties, besties, Gagas, sisters, love creators, and friends, as we celebrate the beauty of today, I want to wish every mother-like figure the most special day.