Nikki. Meghan. Shay. Brandy

Hailing from Houston in ruffles and roses, these beauties are on a mission to positively influence, educate, and encourage women of all colors.

On a recent trip to NYC during Fashion Week, we danced, laughed, and loved with this inspiring foursome at our Bleecker Street shop. 

Herein, the ladies share their commitment to change, fashion and the magic of motherhood.

We’re officially obsessed.


On how you all met?

We all knew of each other from Instagram and collectively met through a series of different local events in Houston. Our friendship was almost instantaneous. Individually we were building our Instagram following and realized at a Reward Style event we attended there were no women of color aside from ourselves! That moment set us on this mission to change the lack of diversity in the influencer space. Shortly after, we decided to go on our first trip to NY for Fashion Week as a group. We were the only four women of color at most of the events and couldn’t believe it. Plus, we had to ask to be invited to all the events! Through that experience, we realized there’s a need for influencers like us!

What’s your mission?

Our goal is to elevate, educate, and uplift women and brands. In short, we want to create a seat at the table for women of color to become influencers and land significant brand opportunities. As we continue to evolve, so will our mission.

When did @influencingincolor start?

Almost a year ago! Our anniversary is on October 4th. What a celebration to be featured on LoveShackFancy just as we approach a year together!

Is this your full time gig? 

Brandy (@authentically.b) has been an elementary school teacher for nine years and is planning to go full time with Influencing In Color after this year. Shay (@shaymone) is a stylist, Meghan(@imgoodlikemeghan)is a social media coordinator for a beauty brand, and Nikki (@newtexacali) is full time with @InfluencingInColor.

To what do you attribute your success?

First of all, we are REALLY dear friends. Therefore, our success comes from working together! We believe that letting the girl next to you shine doesn’t take away your shine. We work to lift each other up and speak highly of one another. We're four very different women on every level, but this philosophy has solidified our friendship and communication.

What’s next?

We’re taking the band on tour to continuing our work of uplifting women of color in the influencer and marketing space. Plus, we recently hosted our first Give Back event at a local black university in Austin. The goal is to do this annually around the country. When you’re in college, you're often on a budget, therefore with our Give Back event, we host girls, encourage them and provide them with beautiful clothes to go on internship or job interviews. We want these young women to feel good about themselves.

On connecting to other women:

It's incredible the wide variety of women we connect to on all aspects of their journies from getting engaged to having babies and following their careers.

With that said, what’s it like to be moms and influencers?

Three of us have kids. Shay has three, Nikki has two and Brandy has one. We've found that often women feel scared about their careers and motherhood! But, we’re here to say that it’s not a stop sign in life. As moms, we must pursue our goals, it’s not all about your kids.

And, Meghan you're about to get married (we love a bride, obviously!)?

Yes! Can’t wait for LoveShackFancy bridal to launch both for me and my girls (who are my bridesmaids)!

Any advice for women that are moms but want to pivot their careers?

Believe in yourself and just do it! It’s inspiring for your kids to see you follow your passions. We’re raising future adults that one day will be going out on their own. Remember to "do you" because your kids are watching and that's a powerful thing as they follow in your footsteps. We are developing future entrepreneurs. They need to see you can be both a nurturing mother AND passionate about your careers; it's not either-or.