Things we've always known but have been strongly reminded of lately...
get sleep, drink lots of water, and keep your hands clean! And, with that in mind, we made our own hand sanitizer.

Follow the recipe:

2 cups of 99% rubbing alcohol

1 cup of pure aloe vera gel

Several drops of your fave essential oil...
we love Coqui Coqui's Rosas Secas.

Plus, you'll need a bowl, spoon and a couple small bottles.

Step One:
Measure the rubbing alcohol and pour into the bowl.

Step Two:
Add the aloe vera and to the bowl with the rubbing alcohol.

Step Three:
Finish with a touch of essential oil.

Step Four:
Pour your custom hand sanitizer into the little bottles and you're ready to go!

Most importantly, don't forget to use it...often!