Fabricant des Fleurs

A scene straight from our dreams, we spent the morning at the most inspiring Parisian silk floral designer's magical couture shop, with the elegant atelier famed for creating Coco Chanel’s signature Camelia, plus other floral fancies for Dior and Givenchy, alike, learning about the delicate details of the most inspiring flowers. Founded in 1880, this rare craft known as fabricant des fleurs artificielles or paruriers, has been passed from generation to generation in the maker's family and is one of the world's last few plumassiers and flower ateliers.

The intricate process begins with individual silk petals, hand-dyed in baths as the base color, and left to air-dry overnight. After the dye sets, each petal is delicately painted by hand in vibrant colors adding intricate details to the tone and texture.

Once dry, the individual layers range from big to small and are independently molded, folded, curled, and pleated to create elegant blossoms formed around a brass wire covered in silk. The result? The most stunning floral blooms ever to be found.

In absolute heaven and beyond inspired by the Parisian craftsman, we created our very own custom flowers, rich in detail and texture. We hand carried these beauties back to our design studio in New York to set our Fall collection tone.

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