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The Art Of The Perfect Picnic

The very essence of summer can be summed up in the traditions we love...

Our patchwork quilts packed in Ratan bags, a picnic feast from Loaves & Fishes, farmstead finds, Pierres’s egg salad plus fried chicken with mustard, driving and singing with the top down & bare feet. These are a few of our favorite things.

Tips to the perfect Summer picnic...

The trick is to keep the menu simple with the classics of summer which we return to year after year.
Pro-tip, bring mini arrangements of flowers or pick wildflowers on location.

Carry your fare in the perfect summer basket. Never forget the essentials like a bottle opener, printed floral fabric napkins, vintage flatware, and French salt (of course!).
Pro-tip, turn your basket over, layer with printed napkins and it doubles as a table!

Always bring quilted blankets and laces to layer.
Plus, don't forget to match your dress to your linens.

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