Love Letters

Lots of Love

From the time that I was a little girl, I looked up to mom, my hero and my soul mate. She took me on adventures, we went treasure hunting together, and I always wore little Victorian dresses (because some things never change). She taught me to create beauty in the world, follow my dreams, stay passionate, and never give up. We are forever best friends.

I learned how to be a mother, from being a daughter to the most inspirational, hard-working and loving woman. When I first became a mom six years ago, my only hope was to follow in her footsteps and be the kind of mom she was to me. From those early days of motherhood to now, it has been a magical adventure, filled with love, imagination, wonder, and joy. I have seen my daughter Scarlett grow into a beautiful young lady and have watched the bond of sisterhood bloom as she became a sister to our darling second daughter Stella.

Every day I am reminded what an honor it is to be a mother and raise our spirited little girls to be the next generation of strong, powerful, and feminine women.

The relationship between mother and daughter is so special filled with laughter and dreams, and there's nothing as powerful and pure as the love between mom and child. For this, I am forever thankful for my mom, eternally grateful for my daughters and in love with the adventures of us.

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