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Love, Elena Cruz

Her feet like fire, Elena makes us want to get up and dance! Showing us what she's got in our floral fitness wear, this mover & shaker shares why she's always listening to music and dancing in the sun.


Twinkle Toes 👟✨

Intention for the new year?
Enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Feel best when?
I’m listening to house music dancing in the sun. 🌞

Fave song?
This is so tough. I definitely have a bunch, but my number one would have to be, Proud by Tchami.

Daily workout?
My daily workout consists of shuffling and cutting shapes in the afternoon. Plus, I like to spend time creating new CHOREOS to teach online or just freestyle for fun. I’m always challenging myself to go beyond what I know, so I generally spend some time learning new moves, as well. To unwind and restore my body, I'll go to hot yoga after a long day of dancing.

Quote to live by?
Treat others the way you would like to be treated!

Want to learn?
I’d like to learn how to roller skate. I love staying active and finding new hobbies I can do in my free time.

Daily ritual?
Loving on my dog Bacci 💕

Go-to uniform?
I live in activewear! I’d say a sports bra and biker shorts are my go-to everyday style.

How To Shuffle

Follow Along, The Running Man


1) Start by making a triangle shape with your legs with the right foot and the left foot in the back.

2) Next, you will bring the leg in the back up (like a flamingo) to the center the same as the leg in the front. Think of how a flamingo stands, that how you want it to look.

3) Then, the leg that’s up like a flamingo you will kick out in front at the same time as you shoot the other leg back to make a triangle shape again.

4) You continue to repeat this over and over. Remember, the leg that’s in the back is always the one you want to bring forward. Also, try to keep your body weight in the center.



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