Camp Crafts

We've always fancied ourselves DIY kind of girls,
and this year, from our LoveShack to one-of-a-kind pieces, patches, tents, and birthdays, we're handmaking, hand-crafting, tie-dying, and creating more than ever.

Forever celebrating every trip around the sun, even in smaller, more intimate ways, birthdays and summers alike, have always been about crafting, and making memories. We began this season of creativity with an adorable CAMP themed family birthday for Scarlett's golden year.

Lovingly handmade tipis with layers and layers of our custom floral fabrics, delicately draped vintage laces, and mini mattresses—each styled with our sweet heart-shaped bow print pillows, custom dolls, and LoveShackFancy patchwork quilts. The perfect sleepover began under a ceiling full of dangling, twinkling gold stars, and pink balloons.

Dreaming up festive games and crafts,
we played nature-inspired bingo, made glitter slime, floral friendship bracelets with our scrap fabrics and pearlescent beads, and sewed custom patches on one-of-a-kind, tie-dyed caps.

Scarlett's Special Slime Recipe:

1/2 Cup of Glue
1/2 Cup of Water
1/2 Tsp of Baking Soda
1Tbsp of Saline Solution
Food Coloring
Glitter Toppings

Fluffy Slime
3-4 Cups of Shaving Cream
1/2 Cup of Glue
1/2 Tsp of Baking Soda
1Tbsp of Saline Solution
Food Coloring
Glitter Toppings

The table was a perfect mix of high and low.
Set with beautiful pieces from home, including tree trunks for seats, layers of antique lace hankies, dainty floral vintage teacups, and sweet-as-ever cakes.

Pillow fights in darling, hand-embroidered nightgowns made with our custom embroidery kits.

We continued the camp theme outdoors
with a cozy tent layered in floral patchwork LoveShackFancy quilts, bows, and dangling lights with custom flower-print shades.

Tips For Hosting A Small Birthday:

1. Consider a small party with a magical theme and very few friends.

2. Use fabrics and pillows from around your house to create little dreamy tipi moments.

2.Plan for lots of craft activities to keep way kids entertained.

3. If possible, host outdoors as much as possible in the fresh air, where kids can run and be free.

The Birthday Party Project

At LoveShackFancy we believe in bringing joy into the world and creating change through positivity, most especially now. With the belief that for us all to shine, we must shine our light on others and teach the next generation to love wholly, lead with empathy, and to celebrate life and birthdays with our children, even in dark times.

Everyone has a birthday, which is cause for celebration. We love The Birthday Party Project because, like us, they believe in the power of celebrating the gift of each of us and children in particular look forward to birthdays as a time to rejoice, reflect and look forward to a new year. Renew.

This year, in honor of our golden girl, Scarlett, we donated to The Birthday Party Project and their honorable efforts to celebrate the joy, magic and potential of African American kids and their belief that spiritual hurts can be healed through sharing joy. Joy and love have the power to mend hurting hearts. And when hearts are mended the world too can heal. Let us together show out children that Joy still exists.

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