Fête Du Cirque, Scarlett Turns 5!

"The noblest art is that of making others happy."


- P.T. Barnum

Inspired by the film, The Greatest Showman — which captured our hearts from the very first scene — Scarlett’s 5th birthday party was one for the ages! Set in the magical Dining Shed of Rebecca’s family home in Watermill, the charming space was transformed into a circus wonderland. Layers of dusty rose silk ribbon and blush taffeta adorned the enchanting venue, while the table was dressed in vintage china and circus headpieces with twinkling stars.
Scarlett and her dearest friends spent the afternoon in total bliss — giggling, somersaulting and papier mâché-ing. As the party progressed, the girls played dress-up in shimmering tutus before settling in to watch the Petite Ecole Du Cirque performance with glittering eyes.
"I love the way movies can whisk you away to another world; they allow me to dream and be inspired. We wanted to recreate just a bit of that sentiment."
xx Rebecca
A highlight from the soiree:
Decorating the dining shed and then seeing Scarlett’s face light up as it came to life — she was truly in heaven!
Tips for moms:
Recently we decided to keep our summer parties very small and intimate with only our closest friends and family, so it doesn't become an overwhelming production. Keeping it small allows you to create a gorgeous seated table and really spend time with the people in attendance. Also, try to make the day last as long as possible. For example, Scarlett had a few friends sleepover after the festivities, because, like us, they never want the party to end. Lastly, be prepared for meltdowns because of all the sugar and excitement.
Key to throwing an amazing party:
Find a great person that can execute the event, so you can actually enjoy all the beautiful moments. Plus, consider the flow of the party — plan enough activities but also allow for free time wherein the kids can simply run around and entertain themselves! And I can't stress enough, put your phone down and be in the moment— it's magical to be a kid again!
What to wear:
LoveShackFancy of course! Plus, I always suggest having adorable vintage pieces and tutus on hand for the girls to play dress-up in.
Notes from Anne Ligeard Murat of Clafoutis Creations on the party details:
“In true LSF form, Scarlett is sure to follow in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother — two women whose greatest pleasure is to entertain in style and make sure their guests are having the best time. For Scarlett's party, we saw happy faces all around, both children and adults alike! It was truly the greatest party!”
This year we held Scarlett's party at the Dining Shed — a vision of her grandmother as a place to entertain and create incredible memories on the property of her home in Watermill, NY. It’s a magical little place akin to a life-size dollhouse that can be transformed at will, depending on your theme.
The dreamy props were sourced from all over, including the best place in town...Scarlett’s bedroom plus the LoveShackFancy vault of silk ribbons and amazing fabrics! As a children's party planner I love to create anticipation, therefore as the tiny guests arrived they were greeted by the cutest circus ballerina elephant and a vintage circus print framed at the door of the Dining Shed.
Once they entered the "Big Top” — an illusion created with a chandelier loop at the center of the ceiling and LoveShackFancy ribbon strung from the center out to create the feeling of being in a circus tent — they discovered the beautiful table with Rebecca's vintage china place settings and adorable circus headpieces embellished with tiny stars.
Party Favors:
Since Scarlett loves the lyrics to the movie, we worked with our favorite illustrator to create lyric books with a custom illustration of Scarlett on a trapeze. The mini books were placed at each setting for the guests because for the greatest show, you need the greatest program!
We set up a craft table where the children were invited to customize a star shape papier mâché jewelry box and headbands using LSF fabrics. Plus, we had an amazing face painter throughout the afternoon and later the girls dressed up in shimmering tutus for the Petite Ecole Du Cirque performance of giant bubbles, a unicycle and stilt walking! During the show, the children were asked to participate in plate spinning and juggling.
Sweets Treats:
The sweets table was set up in front of the rose taffeta adorned window with a pink circus tent birthday cake as the centerpiece. The cake was garnished with a ringmaster, giraffe, pony, monkey, elephant, and vintage candle holders! We also created a Ferris wheel display with simple cupcakes and vintage circus toppers. It was magnificent!
Clafoutis Creations
The Dining Shed
Aletiza Photo

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