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DIY Mother's Day Flower Market  & The Perfect Breakfast Tray

The tradition of Mother's Day is one we cherish. This year, with things as they are, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and besties have been called on more than ever. Set a table as a flower market and surprise the moms in your life with a much-deserved morning celebration.

Note...forward to your guys!

Todd's Very Special Breakfast Spread

Make a special surprise breakfast tray with all her favorites. Include, sweet treats, yummy, buttery toast, and coffee too!

The trick is to gather all the ingredients ahead of time and prepare the tray the night before. Be mindful of the details to make the breakfast as much of a dreamy hotel-like experience as possible. Plus, consider including a lot of prepped items with only one main event such as an omelet or waffles.

Gather your goodies:

A gorgeous tray, cookie stands, floral napkins, multiple vintage plates, and teacups.

Ingredients she loves:

Freshly baked sourdough bread (toasted or not)

Wild-caught salmon lox

French brie

Organic oranges and lemon wedges

Organic strawberries, berries, and watermelon

Tomatoes preferably on the vine (adds a nice touch!)

Omelet ingredients (we love this perfectly Parisian-style recipe) or waffles (we love this healthy variation)

Herbs to complement dishes such as dill  

Prepare your tray:

In advance of cooking your eggs or waffles, set up the tray with beautiful napkins, coffee prepared just the way she likes, and multiple small plates along with one centerpiece.

Consider every detail down to how the toast is arranged in a fan shape, to the tomatoes left on the vine as a garnish, the salmon sprinkled with dill with perfectly sliced lemons.

Pro tip: Reserve each small plate for an individual ingredient making the experience feel special and hotel-perfect.

Once the tray is set up, cook your eggs (or waffles) as she likes and plate immediately.

Finally, serve, relax and enjoy!

Scarlett & Stella's Flower Market
Create a magical flower market scene with beautiful fabrics, delicate ribbons, fanciful bows, and a handmade message to mom.

Toss rose petals at her feet to set the mood.

Lovingly place flowers in her hair.

Perhaps a moment to herself might just be the best gift ever.

And of course, lots, and lots of cuddles!


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